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What alarm AL05 code means for ATV 212 drive and how to reset it

Please, consider below example of parameter setting to understand how AL05 could occur in ATV 212 drive.

[4-20 mA loss] F644 =Keep speed
[Loss of VIA] F633 = 10% --> 10% on F633 is for 2mA.  (Percentage you set at F633 is the percentage of maximum VIA signal level that is 20 mA)
In case of 4-20 mA, user should set F633 = 20%

Then start the drive with VIA higher than 4mA
   --> The drive run and goes to the speed given by VIA.
If VIA signal is loose (VIA less than 4mA)
   --> AL05 is display showing the 4-20mA loss is detected.
   --> Then Drive continues to run at speed that was at the time of 4-20 mA loss detection occurred. signal below 4 mA detected if continuously for 300 ms then drive will be continued to run at speed at the time of fault detection.

If AL05 is display on your product :
   - check the signal level on VIA
   - then check F633 is set correctly

Upon reestablishment of 4-20mA signal alarm code will not be reset. To reset it and hence to resume speed operation in accordance with VIA signal, new start command has to be there following stop command.
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