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How to initial Magelis HMI screen to factory condition if "Use Security" is set in Download Security

There are two kind of security available in Project of HMI via Vijeo Designer software. One is project security which is used to protect user to access object in the runtime application and another is download security that is used to restrict user to download a new project in HMI. 

If you have set the download security under security settings then every time you download a new project into HMI, you need to put in the Username and password. If you have forgot the username and password of the user that have download privilege then only option left is to download via USB Pen Drive using file system. When you download via file system HMI will not ask for download security settings. 

Secondly if you have forgot the user name and password for the user you have created in Vijeo Designer project to protect object then the only option left is to put in the new password for that user. Recovering the old password is not possible and then download the project into the HMI. 

There might be the chances that the you have the same user that is having object security as well as download security privilege in that case change the user password and download the project using USB file system. 
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