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What are the settings to use webserver on ATV600 series.

(1) [Enable Web Services] (EWEE)
This parameter is used to manage the embedded Ethernet Web services.
This parameter is accessible via [My preferences] (MYP-) menu and [Webserver] (WbS-) submenu.
In factory setting,it is enabled (i.e.Yes)
(2) Go to [Embedded Ethernet Configuration] EtE- Menu
Program [IP Mode Ether. Embd] to Fixed address.
Then enter IP address : example :
Subnet mask to
(3) Then configure the PC LAN IP to the same domain
For this go to Local Area connection of your PC
Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and go to properties
And select “ Use the following IP address” then enter IP address:for example :
And Subnet mask to then click O.K.
(4) The webserver can be accessed from standard browsers like Internet Explorer, chrome.
First connect the computer to the drive by typing http:// followed by the drive IP address.
By default the user name is ADMIN and the password is also ADMIN.
Once connected, the webserver home page is displayed.
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