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How we can Update the Modbus Slave Address into the Flash by Applicative commands.

Follow the below steps to update the Modbus Slave address into the FLASH by applicative commands:

1. Store the Slave address into the %MWr.m.c.25
2. Set the bit %MRr.m.c.24.7
3. Send the WRITE_CMD to the module channel.
4. Check the command end (%MWr.m.c.0.1 fall down) and the command is accepted (%MWr.m.c.1.1 is at zero means no error) => the FLASH is updated.
5. Perform one of the following operating mode onto the channel to take the new address into account:
  •    Application Download
  •    Cold Start
  •    Warm Start
  •    Hot Swap
  •    Switch protocol (To SLAVE)

6. Perform a READ_STS onto the channel to check the slave address in the %MWr.m.c.3 most significant byte.

Note: Several orders can be embedded in the same command. If one of the orders cannot be executed, the whole command will be rejected and no order is executed. 
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