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What is Sensor Alignment for M340 Analog modules and how it categorized for Filtering.

Sensor Alignment is the process of "alignment" consists in eliminating a systematic offset observed with a given sensor, around a specific operating point. This operation compensates for an error linked to the process. Replacing a module does not therefore require a new alignment. However, replacing the sensor or changing the sensor's operating point does require a new alignment.

Alignment filtering is being categorized as below:

0  = No filtering 

1 or 2 =  Low filtering 

3 or 4 = Medium filtering

5 or 6 = High filtering

NOTE: To align several analog channels on the BMX ART/AMO/AMI/AMM modules, we recommend proceeding channel by channel. Test each channel after alignment before moving to the next channel in order to apply the parameters correctly. 
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