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When do i need to order License transfer reprogramming for Vijeo citect

A License Transfer Fee (Part number VJC109401) is applied under a number of situations, primarily when a USB key is reprogrammed due to a license transfer. It is not required when a new license is added or an existing license point count is expanded.
Examples of when this fee is applied include:
 - transfer of a license from one USB key to another, including moving clients to/from fixed and floating keys
 - removal of a license from an existing USB key
 - re-issue of a license for a replacement USB key
 - transfer of a license from a USB key to a Software key (or vice versa).
Removal or downgrade (license type or point count) of licenses on a USB key will require a key swap where a new key is issued and the existing key must be returned. Removal or downgrade of a license does not provide any refund or credit.
When moving a license to an existing USB key that already contains license(s), the license being moved must be the same point count as the existing license.
Note: When placing an order please indicate the USB key serial numbers and details in the special instructions.
Note: This provides only a new authorization code, if a new USB key is required then you also need to purchase a new hardware key (VJC1099xx).
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