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Can I connect a PC to a remote I/O module port in EIO System.

Yes, but PCs will not be able to communicate with any modules. We recommend you connect PCs (or any other non-remote I/O device) to the following:
  • a 140 CRP 312 00 module — DIO Cloud or DIO Sub Ring port
  • a 140 CRP 312 00 module — INTERLINK port or SERVICE port configured as an access port
  • a ••• CRA 312 •0 adapter module — SERVICE port configured as an access port
NOTE: Do not connect a device with a speed in excess of 100 Mbps to the SERVICE port. If the device is configured for a speed that exceeds 100 Mbps, the Ethernet link may not be established between the device and the module through the SERVICE port. 
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