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What are the advantages of Line Contactor which is used between the circuit breaker and ATV71 drive.

There is a motor protection (SCF, OCF, OLF...) and Supply protection ( OSF, PHF ...) on ATV71 drive.
In this case the contactor between the circuit breaker and drive is using to isolate the drive to the motor and the supply when the drive is fault. 
The advantage of line contactor is to isolate the drive under fault condition.
The types of coordination are referred to the standard IEC 60947-4-2. These standard are for motor starter and according the definition of type of co-ordination.
Circuit-breaker/contactor/drive combinations can be used to ensure continuous service of the installation with optimum safety given in the catalog.
The type of circuit-breaker/contactor coordination selected can reduce maintenance costs in the event of a motor short-circuit by minimizing the time required to make the necessary repairs and the cost of replacement equipment.
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