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Is it possible to supply Masterpact DC Breakers from Downstream

1. It is not possible to supply Masterpact NW circuit breaker DC range by dowstream because the sensors are adjusted in this configuration. In case of different connection the accuracy is not guarantee. 
It is compulsory to connect the NW-DC in the same way as it indicated in the direct current offer catalog . You can not do the reverse feeding option in Masterpact NW-DC range.

2. The internal CT inside the breaker are polarized. In this way, the upstream rear connections are identified "LINE +" and "LINE -" in order to match the CT polarization. 

3. If you don't respect this specification you will probably face faulty tripping thresholds. The engineering told us that the error can drift to +/-20%  in that condition. Have in mind that the current flown in a Masterpact DC has a big influence on the tripping sensors.

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