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How to create File System Backup for downloading to HMI target.

Follow the below procedure to generate File System backup:

1. Insert the CF Card/SD Card into a CF Card/SD Card reader or the USB drive into the USB port, visible from the editor PC.
  • Use CF Cards/SD Cards manufactured by Schneider Electric only. CF Cards/SD Cards  from other manufacturers do not meet required specifications. For information about CF Cards/SD Cards you can use, see Appendix 1, Hardware Manuals.

2. In Vijeo-Designer, in the Navigator window's Project tab, right-click the Target node and click Properties to open the Property Inspector.

3. Set the Download property to File System.

4. In the Path property, define the location of the CF Card/SD Card reader or the USB flash memory.
  • Only local path names are supported for download. To download to a network drive, first map the network drive to your local drive and then define this path for download.
  • If the target machine supports Ethernet, the Download properties also list IP address settings. The target machine uses the IP address for communicating with PLCs, sharing data with other target machines on the network, and up/downloading data with the Data Manager.When Install Options is set to Single Install, even if the IP address is already set up on the target machine, it's overwritten with this IP address. After download is complete, you can change the IP address settings on the target machine. If the target machine is not used in a network environment, you can safely ignore these settings.

5. For most normal applications, in the Install Options property select Single Install. You should also use this option when: downloading to a brand new target machine, downloading after the editor has been upgraded, or downloading after the runtime fails to run on the target machine.

Select Multi Install when:
  • Using the CF Card/SD Card to install the run-time system files and user application to multiple target machines.
  • Using the CF Card/SD Card or USB drive to recover run-time data files and user application files from a failed target to a new target.
6. Right-click the Target node, and click Download.

7. After Vijeo-Designer indicates download is complete, make sure the CF Card/SD Card reader or the USB flash memory has completed writing before you remove the CF Card/SD Card or the USB drive.
  • Even though Vijeo-Designer may indicate download to the CF Card/SD Card is complete, do not immediately remove the CF Card/SD Card from the drive. Although downloading to the drive may be complete, writing to the CF Card/SD Card may not be. Use the reader's lamp indicator or other method to confirm the write operation has ended before you remove the CF Card/SD Card.

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