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Output enable conditions of TM3 safety modules.

For TM3 Safety Module, conditions to enable the outputs are as follows:

1) Safety inputs must be enabled i.e. your S1, S2, S3 and S4 (During start). If any of them is not activated then output will be forced disabled.
If S4 is not in use then then Connect [S41] and [S42] terminals. 

2) Start Condition Must be Valid i.e. start input must be high in non-monitored start mode or there must be a falling edge at start input for monitored start mode.
 Refer the attached TM3 Programming guide for more details on start mode.

3) Internal Enable must be high i.e. In Somachine project %Qn.0 (Enable) output must be high. This can be done by enabling the i_xEnable_TM3 input of TM3_safety function block. Make sure i_xEnable_FB must also be enable.

Kindly refer the TM3 Programming guide for more details about safety module.

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