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How to configure node address of TM171EP14R expansion

Expansion module TM171EP14R node address is the position of Dip switch + Addr_CAN_OB

The default value of Addr_CAN_OB is 1. To locate Addr_CAN_OB refer the following steps:
- Open the Somachine HVAC - Device
- Navigate to Expansion Module in Project tree on the left side of computer screen. 
- Click on CAN On Board option in BIOS parameters
- Enter the appropriate value for require node address in Addr_CAN_OB.
For Example:
To put in extension module address "8"  and dip switch 1 and 2 are turned off then you need to set Addr_CAN_OB to 8 and if 1 and 2 dip switch are turned on then you need to set Addr_CAN_OB to 5.

Refer the attached guide and snapshot for more details.
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