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Which Modbus TCP/IP driver should we use in Vijeo Designer?

It is unclear which Modbus TCP/IP driver to use in Vijeo Designer.

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

To select the correct driver, you must determine if the device you wish to connect to is a Modbus Master or if the device is a Modbus Slave. If the device is the Modbus Master, the best driver to use is the Modbus TCP Slave driver of Vijeo Designer. This makes the HMI essentially the PLC and the device will read the HMI's modbus registers. If the device is the Modbus Slave, the best driver is to use the Modbus TCP/IP driver. This makes the HMI the master and the device the "PLC". The HMI will read the device's Modbus registers like a regular PLC,
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