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What parameters can be associated with analog IO of PM2230 ?

Below are the associated parameter lists for analog IO of PM2230:
• Current: Phase wise
• Current Average
• Current Unbalance: Phase wise
• Current Unbalance Worst
• Voltage L-L: Phase wise
• Voltage L-L Avg
• Voltage L-N: Phase wise
• Voltage L-N Avg
• Voltage Unbalance L-L: Phase wise
• Voltage Unbalance L-L Worst
• Voltage Unbalance L-N: Phase wise
• Voltage Unbalance L-N Worst
• Active Power: Phase wise
• Active Power Total
• Reactive Power: Phase wise
• Reactive Power Total
• Apparent Power: phase wise
• Apparent Power Total
• PF Total
• Frequency
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