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What is the power factor for ATV212 drive range.

Power factor at 100% load: -
PF = Cos Phi(1)/SQR(1+THD²) where Cos Phi(1) is from the fundamental current.
PF = 1/SQR(1+THD²) because Cos Phi is closed to 1.
For THDi of each rating at 100% load, Refer to attached document.
Then it is possible to estimate the Power Factor of the ATV212:
For Example:
ATV 212HD22N4(22KW)
THDi=30.7 (see attached File1)
So, estimated power factor = 1/SQR(1+ .307²) = 0.95
Same way, it is possible to calculate power factor for other part number also.

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