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How can we load the previously saved Process Analyst files (.PAV) using a button.

To load the trend file with a button, you can use below function: 

ProcessAnalystLoadFile(sPAVFile, iFileLocation, iButtonMask, sObjName ) 
Define this in the Input field of a button. 

As an example, use it as: 
ProcessAnalystLoadFile("PA.pav", 0, 1, "AN652") 
where 'PA' is the analyst file name which you have already saved from save option in Project Directory. 
'0' is the location of file. The default location is "Project folder/Analyst Views". 
'1' is the button property (Refer citect help for more button options) 
'AN652' is the object name. (double click Process Analyst > Access Tab > check your 'Object Name' under 'identification') 

To load this file from other locations from available locations, use 0, 1 or 2. Refer the function help for details.
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