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Video : How to set the sensitivity in Back-UPS BR600CI-IN ?

Important Note:
> Ensure that the Back-UPS is Off but connected to utility power.
> Ensure that the Load's are not connected with the Back-UPS.

Kindly find the below steps:

Step 1 :Press and Hold ON Off button until the LED repeatedly flashes.The unit is now in program mode.
Step 2 :Release the button. The LED will flash once,twice or three times per second,indicating the current setting.
Step 3 :Press ON Off button within two seconds to change the setting. Each time the button is pressed, the LED will flash at a different rate.
  • IF the LED Flashes Once per second , the sensitivity is set to low.
  • IF the LED Flashes twice per second , the sensitivity is set to medium.
  • IF the LED Flashes three times per second , the sensitivity is set to high.
Continue pressing the button until the desired setting is reached.
To exit program mode,release the button and wait for the LED to stop flashing.

To do the troubleshooting earier way , also go through the below video.

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