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Difference between EEPROM Parameter, Status Variable, Enums and BIOS Parameters of M172P / M171P/ M171O Controllers.

EEPROM Parameters: Parameters that need to keep value even when power is switched off. In general, these are the parameters that are used in Menus- Operational parameters.

Status Parameters: Status Variables are created with Modbus Address and therefore can used for communication with other systems, for example SCADA systems, Modbus Masters etc.

Enums: These are used to set a selection of values that can be assigned to a declared variable. For example 0 = off, 1 = standby and 2 = On. Only these three values can be selected if the variable is used in a menu.

BIOS Parameters: These parameters are all settings that are available in every PLC e.g. Modbus Address, Analog Input configuration ...etc.
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