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Type 2 Coordination Chart for ATV312

The term "type of coordination 1 or type 2" are defined in IEC 947-4-1 and this standard applies to conventional equipment (motor, contactor, circuit breaker, etc...), but not the applications with inverter speed drive...

According to norms, we do not have rights to talk about type1/type2 coordination's, in relation to the VSD.

What we published in the past, in older catalogs were a misinterpretation of electrical norms. Now we present the coordination's just for an external protection for VSD - we do not mention any categories

Today we talk about the combination made up of circuit breaker, contactor, drive for coordination(not to mention the type), which protects people and equipment during a short circuit that occurs on the power. So further all the new drives will be provided with co-ordination table concerning to protection standard IEC61800-5.

Please find the below link for the catalog for ATV312

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