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Is it possible to configure the error EA344 to a Warning or delete the error EA344 monitoring ?

It is not possible to deactivate this monitoring because a big deviation creates instability and oscillations.
From firmware release version v1.26.03 it´s possible to set the error class 1 to 3  for EA344  (ErrorResp_PDiffEncM with modbus address 1398).
Although there is a cyclically reset of the deviation value  _ p_DifENC1toENC2, _ p_DifENC1toENC2 monitors cyclically the deviation between  p_act_ENC1 and  p_act_ENC2.
When movement exceeds  two times value of  p_MaxDiffToEnc2 without EA344 (Maximum position deviation between motor encoder and machine encoder)   then _ p_DifENC1toENC2
is reset to zero.That means a little slip is possible.
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