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How to configure Analog Input & Output in PM2130 and PM2230 Energy Meter?

The PM2130 and the PM2230 each support optional analog and digital I/O modules. The PM2125 and PM2225 support optional digital I/O modules. When these I/O modules are connected to your meter, they can be configured through ION Setup. The I/O module variants are single-channel analog, two-channel analog and two-channel digital.

1. Double-click I/O Setup to open the I/O Setup dialog. Status Input S1, S2
2. Double-click a status input parameter or select a status input parameter and click Edit to open a setup dialog.
3. If required, enter text into the Label field to update the label that identifies the status input. Control Mode shows either Normal or Demand Sync based on the existing associations. Normal mode indicates that the status input is available for use by alarms. Demand Sync indicates that the status input is configured to accept a demand sync pulse from a utility demand meter.
4. Select a time in milliseconds for Debounce. Any associations for this Status Input appear in the Associations pane.
5. Click OK to save your changes and return to the I/O Setup screen.
6. Click Send to save the changes to the device.
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