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What is a shockproof contactor and in which environment shockproof contactors are used.

Shockproof contactors are used in an environment subject to severe mechanical shocks, unwanted closing
of a contactor's poles and the serious consequences of this, is not permissible.

Schneider electric has a whole range of shockproof contactors starting from LC1 FG150 to LC1 FG630 are equipped with an auxiliary
electromechanical device which ensures that the contactor is mechanically locked in the “open” position when it’s main electromagnet is not energised.

If the contactor is subjected to mechanical impact, from back to front or from front
to back, accidental closing of the poles is then impossible.

In addition, accidental opening of the poles (when the contactor is in the “on”
position), is virtually impossible due to the significant pull-in force characteristic
of these contactors.
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