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How we can see CT Connection Reversal with EM1000 or EM1200 or EM1220 display ?

CT Connection Reversal
To check the polarity of the CT after the meter has been installed, go to the DIAG (diagnostic) pages and check the CT REV display page. Refer to “EM1000/EM1200/EM1220 Power and Energy Meters Menu Hierarchy” on  for more information.
Assuming that you are consuming power (import), check for one of the following conditions in the meter:
1. If the display shows L 1 or L 2 or L 3, then CT phase 1 or CT phase 2 or CT phase 3 is reversed and the corresponding CT phase must be corrected.
2. If the display shows L 12 or L 23 or L 32, then CT phases (1 and 2) or CT phases (2 and 3) or CT phases (3 and 1) are reversed and the corresponding CT phases must be corrected.
3. If the display shows L 123, then all the phases are reversed and must be corrected.
4. If the display shows L-, then no CTs are reversed.
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