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What is the onboard storage cpaacity of Com’X 510

At present it can use only 4G SD card
SD type: 4GB HDI class 6 card formatted for EXT3 (EXT3 Linux based file format)
(SD cards are based on the same flash memory technology. However, only high performance memory
cards offer the requested level of reliability: A high performance Single-Level Cell memory card has in
general at least 100 000 Write and Erase Cycles
(10 000 for a multi-level cell card).)
Today com'x is using only 2G of SD installed SD
It store 10 bytes per measurement sample; any memory used for managing the data is negligible. So
201,830,400 measurements * 10 bytes is only 2GByte of our
4 Gbyte SD card capacity." one month for 510 measurements at 5 mn interval Automatic adjustment of
the storage capacity depending on number of measurement and logging interval value
Com’X will start deleting data after 25 months unless it fills up first.
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