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Com’X 200/210 do not have onboard storage,How it will publish to database Server?

The Com'X 200/210 can publish data to three different Schneider Electric platforms
(database servers):
1) Energy Operation
2) Digital Service Platform (DSP)
3) CSV Export
The Com'X 200/210 exports the data in the correct file format according to the selected
platform. Then the data can be analyzed in the service to which you have subscribed.
The subscription to Energy Operation or DSP must be set up with a Schneider Electric representative bef
ore setting up the Com'X 200/210 Destination platform.
NOTE: To publish to DSP, you must enable Schneider Electric Services in Settings > General
Settings > Schneider Electric Services. 
With CSVExport, the Com'X 200/210 exports data to your own database server in a .csv file.
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