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Status LEDs of M200/M100 PLCs

Status LEDs meaning of M200 Plc.
The IN and/or OUT status LEDs are ON (Green color) if the inputs and/or outputs are active/high that is when the digital inputs/outputs are set to 1.
The following table describes the system status LEDs:
Label Function Type Color Status Description
Controller States Programming Port Communication Application Execution
PWR Power Green On Indicates that power is applied.
Off Indicates that power is removed.
RUN Machine Status Green On Indicates that the controller is running a valid application.
Flashing Indicates that the controller has a valid application that is stopped.
Off Indicates that the controller is not programmed
ERR Error Red On* EXCEPTION Restricted NO
Flashing (with RUN status LED Off) INTERNAL ERROR Restricted NO
Slow flash Minor error detected Yes Depends on the RUN status LED
1 single flash No application Yes Yes
SD Micro SD Card Access Green On Indicates that the SD card is being accessed
Flashing Indicates that an error was detected during the SD card operation.
Off Indicates no access (idle) or no card is present.
BAT Battery (only for M200) Red On Indicates that the battery needs to be replaced.
Flashing Indicates that the battery charge is low.
Off Indicates that the battery is OK.
SL Serial line 1 Green On Indicates the status of Serial line 1
Flashing Indicates activity on Serial line 1
Off Indicates no serial communication
* ERR LED is also On during booting process
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