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What is the maximum file name size including path (recommended 64 chars) in Disturbance Records in MiCOM P445?

Disturbance record filenames are a based around the following fixed format giving a maximum filename length of twenty eight (28) characters:
yyyymmdd_HHMMSS_xxx_rNNN.* Where: yyyy = The year, i.e. 2006 mm = The month, i.e. 03 (for March) dd = The day of month, i.e. 15th HH = Hours in 24hr format, 
i.e. 12 MM = Minutes, i.e. 59 SS = Seconds, i.e. 59 xxx = Milli-seconds, i.e. 999 r = A literal ‘r’ character NNN = Disturbance record number, 
i.e. 001 * = The file type, either cfg or dat Taking into account the directory structure presented in item Ft1, this gives a maximum, 
fully qualified, filename length of forty four (44) characters.
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