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How we can monitor the diagnosis information for Connexium DRS Switches.

There are two signal contacts R1 and R2 for each device is available which can be used for monitoring of diagnostic information . 

- The signal contact (“FAULT”, for pin assignment of terminal block, monitors the functioning of the device, thus enabling remote diagnostics. 

You can specify the type of function monitoring in the Management. 
You can also use the switch Web page to switch the signal contact manually and thus control external devices. 

A break in contact is used to report the following conditions via the potential- free signal contact R1 and R2 (relay contact, closed circuit): 
- The detected inoperability of at least one of the two voltage supplies (voltage supply 1 or 2 is below the threshold value). 
- The loss of connection at at least one port. The report of the link status can be masked by the Management for each port. In the delivery state, link status monitoring is deactivated. 
- The temperature threshold has been exceeded or has not been reached. 
- The removal of the Memory Backup Adapter
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