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How does the terminating resistor switch work in TSXSCA50.

This is a passive T-junction box comprising a printed circuit with three sets of screw terminals. It is used to connect a station via a T-shaped tap link on the trunk cable of a UNI-TELWAY transmission line. It can be installed, without the need for any special measures, in any location on the site (wiring ducts, etc).

This T-junction box provides :
• continuity of the electrical signals in all three directions, as well as shielding continuity,
• line termination when it is fitted at the end of the line.

Line termination is essential for both ends of the UNI-TELWAY bus. A jumper in the TSX SCA 50 T-junction boxes terminal block, enables the impedance matching line terminator to close the line.

 When the terminator is OFF, J1, J2 and J3 all can be connected.
When the terminator is ON – If the Tap is installed at starting of the bus, J2 and J3 will be connected and if the TAP is installed at the end of the bus, J1 and J2 will be connected.
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