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The object includes mixture of oil and water and there are many metal chips on the floor between the sensor and the object. What will be the suitable part number of sensor on this case.

Ultrasonic sensors are fully able to detect a liquid such as oil or water, because they are very reflective for the sound. Therefore, an object covered by a lay of oil or water will be able to be detected.
In case where the shape of your object is not flat (not reflective for the sound), you can set your sensor in reflex mode.
If there are many metal chips on the floor, but an object to be detected between the floor and the sensor, this should not be a problem because the sensor locks its detection on the first target detected.
Anyway the floor is often a good reference to set a sound reflector in reflex mode.
So you have two adjustment cases:
(1) Normal window mode, in this case the sensor takes in account the sound reflected by the object itself to detect it.
(2) Reflex mode, where the sensor permanently measures the floor and when an object is placed between the floor and the sensor it will be detected even if it is not reflective because it will cut the detection of the floor.
Use a XX630 or XX930 sensor in this situation. You even have two setting possibilities.
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