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How to install the software in an AS-P or AS-B.

AS-P and AS-B are delivered without any software. Below is the procedure to install the software.
  1. Start Device Administrator.

  2. Connect a USB 2.0 cable (maximum length 3 m) to the USB device port on the SmartStruxure server device and a USB port on the PC:
    - For Automation Server, use a USB type-A male to type-B male cable.
    - For AS-P and AS-B, use a USB type-A male to mini-B male cable.

  3. ​In the Connection column for the SmartStruxure server device, ensure that usb is displayed.
  4. ​Select AS-P or AS-B in the list.
  5. Click Upgrade device(s)
  6. In the Upgrade Device box, click New Database.
  7. Click OK.
The AS-P or AS-B is now ready to be configured.
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