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On the Flying shear function block, there's the input i_xSyncImdt.How does the block react when we ask it to do an immediate synchronization

The function "immediate cut" is only available in operation mode 0 (continuous cut without TP signal).
The function works only if the drive is in RestPosition.

Immediate synchronization:
TRUE: Synchronize the slave immediately to the master.
This input is considered only when the slave is in resting position (lrPosRest). Only significant for operating modes 0.
Factory setting: FALSE

User can execute the FB and wait for the output "q_xCoup". It can be started even if the master axis is moving.
The objective is to avoid doing 2 cycles of the flying shear during a 1st execute of the block after user enable it so user can perform smaller cuts for example cuts lesser than than 8 inches.
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