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How to select ICD file of ION8650

Onb# correspond with the on board IO available 
1 correspond with A
2 correpond with B 
Please refers to the technical datasheet Pg6
Ext# correspond with the IO expander option 
1 correpond with A 
2 correpond with B
3 correpond with C 
4 correpond with D
Please refer to the technical datasheet Pg7, 
here is a link:

1. Identify the feature set A,B or C 
B for M8650B4C0H6C7A0A - ION8650B 
C for M8650C4C0H6C7A0A - ION8650C 

2. Identify the on board I/O 
A for M8650B4C0H6C7A0A - Onb1 
A for M8650C4C0H6C7A0A - Onb1 

3. Identify the IO expander option, if necessary. 
As an example if the IO expander part number is P850EA2, then A for P850EA2 equals Ext1 
If there is no IO expander then select an ICD without Ext.  

With the example above  
For M8650B4C0H6C7A0A load this ICD file SE_ION_8650-B-Onb1-Exp1-F01_E1V01 
For M8650C4C0H6C7A0A load this ICD file SE_ION_8650-C-Onb1-Exp1-F01_E1V01 
But again this is an example only and the ICD file might differ depending there is an IO Expander 

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