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How can I define Equipment IP Address at run time in Vijeo Designer?

The following examples show how to read and write an equipment's IP address at run time using the equipment methods 

Read Value

// --------------- Read existing data --------------------------------------

// data[0] to data[3] hold the IP Address.

// data.length can be used to query the number of elements in the array.

int [] data = ModbusEquipment01.getProperty( "Con_IPAddress" );

// Use the data you just received.

for( int i = 0;  i < data.length;  i++ )


    PanelIPData.IP[i].write( data[i] );



Write Value

// --------------- Write some data -----------------------------------------

// Length is given by NewIP_InputData.length

int [] NewIP_InputData = {10, 187, 225, 135};


ModbusEquipment01.setProperty( "Con_IPAddress", NewIP_InputData );


// This code will set IP Addresses for any driver, not just the Modbus driver.

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