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What is the meaning of diagnosis code 8506 with extended diagnosis "Err:0x00020021" in LMC078. How to resolve it

Meaning of diagnosis code 8506 is "SERCOS Master comm. not possible". Sercos phase up is unsuccessful if any unconfigured LXM32S
are present on the sercos network ( ring / line). The Sercos master (LMC078) shows the diagnosis code 8506 "SERCOS Master comm. not possible"
with the extended diagnosis "Err:0x00020021". The LXM32S does not support inactive participation in the Sercos network.

To resolve the issue either:
1.    physically remove unconfigured LMX32S from the Sercos network by rewiring the Sercos cables
2.    configure all LXM32S connected to the Sercos network in your application so that the master actively communicates with them
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