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Does BMENOP0300 module supports RSTP protocol?

Ethernet ports 2 and 3, located on the front of the BMENOP0300 module, support the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP).
RSTP is an OSI layer 2 protocol defined by IEEE 802.1D 2004. RSTP performs two services:
  • Creates a loop-free logical network path for Ethernet devices that are part of a topology that includes redundant physical paths.
  • Automatically restores network communication, by activating redundant links, in the event the network experiences an interruption of service.
NOTE: RSTP can take up to 50 ms to restore network communication in case of a service interruption. During this time, Ethernet packets may be dropped.

RSTP software, operating simultaneously in all network switches, obtains information from each switch, which enables the software to create a hierarchical logical network topology.
RSTP is a flexible protocol that can be implemented on many physical topologies, including ring, mesh, or a combination of ring and mesh.
Use the RSTP tab of the Communication Settings window to configure RSTP for the embedded Ethernet switch in the BMENOP0300 module.
After you make your selection, click Apply to preserve your edit.

NOTE: RSTP can be implemented only when all network switches are configured to support RSTP.
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