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What is the default IP Address for BME NOP 0300 Module?

If one or more Ethernet ports on the BMENOP0300 module are not manually assigned an IP address,
the module automatically assigns default IP addresses that are based on the MAC address, as follows:

- When IP forwarding is disabled:
  • z

- When IP forwarding is enabled:
  • 169.254.10.yyy for ETH_2 and ETH_3 
  • 169.254.20.yyy for the Ethernet Backplane Port 
  • 169.254.30.yyy for ETH_1
‘xxx’ represents the fifth octet of the module MAC address.
‘yyy’ represents the sixth octet of the module MAC address.
However, if the sixth octet of the module MAC address is 0xff or 0x00,
‘yyy’ is reset to 0xfe (254) to avoid the generation of an invalid IP address.
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