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How to determine the device name while using DHCP for IP addressing of BMENOS0300

The device name identifier for the BMENOS0300 module is a concatenation of the following information that can be derived from the module’s position in a rack:
head module abbreviation_slot number_module type
These three criteria can have the following values:
Possible values
Head module abbreviation
For local racks:
  • Mx80: Standalone M580 CPU
  • M58A: Hot Standby CPU designated as A
  • M58B: Hot Standby CPU designated as B
For remote racks:
  • Cxxx: CRA at drop xxx (for example “C001”)
Slot number
Two digit slot number position of the BMENOS0300 module in the local or remote rack (for example “04”)
Module type
A constant string value set to:
Examples of device names include:
  • Mx80_04_BMENOS: located in the fifth slot (04) of a local rack with a standalone M580 CPU.
  • M58B_03_BMENOS: located in the fourth slot (03) of a local rack with a Hot Standby M580 CPU designated as CPU “B”.
  • C002_06_BMENOS: located in the seventh slot (06) of a remote rack identified as drop 2 with a CRA as its head module. 
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