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How can we set the Local Language in Citect SCADA runtime

The default local language that gets displayed at runtime is determined by the Citect.ini parameter [Language]LocalLanguage. However, the language entered in this parameter should be pre-defined in the Lang.dbf file.

Once this parameter is set, you can then configure either the Login(), UserLogin() or LoginForm() functions to set the preferred language for the project at runtime. When the user logs in to the project, any marked native text will be replaced by the preferred language defined in the corresponding .dbf file. Be aware that changing languages at runtime will cause any open pages to reload.

Note: To use characters for Baltic, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, and Asian languages, or right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Urdu) the operating system needs to have the corresponding language version of Windows, or have installed system support for that language.

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