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How to upgrade the firmware of PRM module ?

The firmware and the configuration of the PRM module are stored in a non-volatile
Flash Memory.
The Firmware can be updated. During the update, the concerned flash area will be
replaced with new binary code.
The command is available form the contextual menu of the Master DTM in online
How to 
1- With Windows Explorer, copy the new firmware file in the following directory:
- By default
c:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ PRM master DTM\ Firmware\
- Or <Your_installation_directory>\Firmware\
2- Rename it PRMOS.bin
3- In the Menu bar of Unity Pro, select Tools > DTM Browser.
4- In the DTM Browser, select < - >PRM_MASTER.
5- Right-click on it (Master DTM contextual menu) and select Connect.
6- Right-click on it and select Device menu > Download Firmware.
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