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What is the operating cycle of RXM4AB2FD for 110Vdc@6A resistive load.

Below is the <Operating rate> specification from the data sheet:
<= 18000 cycles/hour no-load
<= 1200 cycles/hour under load
Example A - Under load conditions:
= 1200 operations/hour
= 20 operations/minute
= 0.333 operations/second
Therefore, 1 operation cycle (relay 'on' state, relay 'off' state) is 3s (1/0.333 = 3s).
Based on 20% utilization coefficient specification, the relay 'on' state is 0.6s and the relay
'off' state is 2.4s.
Electrical durability = 100 000 cycles for resistive load.

So, our RXM product's <Electrical durability> test is based on the <20% utilization coefficient> and <Operating rate> requirement.
The product’s output load is ON for 0.6s and OFF for 2.4s. And the output is repeated ON/OFF for 100 000 cycles using 110Vdc@6A resistive load.

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