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Which system words are available corresponding to Quantum Hot stand, RIO network diagnosis.

For Unity CPUs (standard CPUs and Safety CPUs), the following system words that can be referred are from %SW535 to %SW640 for RIO Network Diagnosis.

To detect global communication:
1.) %SW535 (RIO error on start-up),
2.) %SW536, %SW537, %SW538 (Communication status on cable A),
3.) %SW539, %SW540, %SW541 (Communication status on cable B),
4.) %SW542, %SW543, %SW544 (Global communication status)
To detect errors coming from the drops:
1.) %SW545 to 640 (Status of decentralized stations) for communication error bits:
2.) %SW545 to %SW547 are dedicated to the local station
3.) %SW548 to %SW550 are dedicated to the drop 2
4.) %SW551 to %SW553 are dedicated to the drop 3
5.) %SW553 to %SW556 are dedicated to the drop 4
6.) and so on....
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