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Where can I download SoMove and DTM files? What is the USB to RJ45 cable required to connect SoMove to the drive using the ModBus port?
Issue: Where can I find a link for SoMove? What cable is used? Product line: Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starts   Environment: All models,...
What are the part number and driver for the serial port (9-Pin D-Shell) to USB converter for Modicon Quantum PLC.
The part no. of the Schneider USB to RS232 Converter is TSXCUSB232 Refer the attachment for the TSXUSB232 documentation.   Use the standard Schneider...
What is the minimum firmware needed for a PM710 or PM750 to upgrade to the latest firmware
The PM700 or PM7 series meters must be at firmware 3.040 or greater in order to upgrade to the latest firmware
M241/M251 Firmware update using Somachine Controller Assistant with SD Card
Issue: Looking for the procedure to update the firmware of M241/M251 using an SD card. Product Line: M241 M251 SoMachine Environment: SoMachine Controller...
How to connect XPSMC via USB, using TSXCUSB485 USB converter?
XPSMC + TSXCUSB485 hardware connection XPSMC + TSXCUSB485 software rules
Is there any tool other than Multi-loader to flash Lexium range of servo drives.
Tool called “Lexium 32 Flash tool” to flash Lexium range of servo drives is available. Refer to the link below to download this tool.\\index.nsf&XID=225304&XHOST= ...
What are the minimum hardware & firmware requirements to enable "Change Configuration On The Fly" feature in Quantum Range of PLCs
The minimum hardware  & firmware requirements to enable "Change Configuration On The Fly" feature in Quantum PLC are: Firmware: 1.) 140 CPU 67160...
What is the minimum software version for Altivar 61 drive that is compatible with the IMC controller card VW3A3521.
The ATV IMC is compatible with Altivar 61 drive software version V2.1IE23 and upper versions.
What is difference between ScadaPack Modbus and Generic modbus driver. 
The SCADAPack Modbus driver is an advanced driver, which means that it provides functionality not available in the simple drivers such as Modbus....
Can we use the BACnet driver with Vijeo Citect 7.30,If yes then do we need to purchase separate license for this driver in Vijeo Citect SCADA.
Vijeo Citect SCADA supports the BACnet protocols. You have to go for " +  Facilities pack " for including the BACnet driver in Vijeo Citect. The BACNET...
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