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How do I Monitor Analog Input Over-Under Range conditions on a SCADAPack 350?
Only the Scadapack models 314, 334 and 357 (only AI on the 5606 Lower IO board) have register assignments that monitor the out-of-range status for...
How can I read cell values of a excel file in Vijeo Citect runtime.
You can use DDERead function of Vijeo Citect to read data from a excel file.
An OPC Client can browse and add tag items from a single cluster project successfully running on a SCADA machine, however it's not possible with a multi-cluster project.
This occurs in SCADA V 7.20 (and previous versions). To resolve this, add a cluster name manually as a prefix to tags in the OPC client (e.g. ClusterName.TagName)...
While communicating with 3rd party devices on serial communication, data refreshment in SCADA stops when any of the devices restarts after a fault.
You need to put "-nts" in special options field in ports configuration of the device. This special option allows the COMX driver to  not terminate...
We need to move the tag values from one IODevice to other IODevice, is there any cicode or functions available for this operation.
For writing tags values from one IO Device to another IO device is possible with a simple cicode using a equal sign like as in below cicode :   ******************************************************...
How to calculate standard deviation for a tag value in Vijeo Citect project?
For calculating the Standard Deviation in Citect, there is a inbuilt function is available " TableMath( ) ". You can use this in cicode as shown below:...
Even defining the HomePage with Computer Setup Wizard, it is not working in XP-Style template.
For setting the required home page you need to add following INI parameters :   [Page]HomePage = Welcome   [Navigation]HomePage = Welcome.
The Printer Button of Vijeo Citect in XP_style page is not working?
For using buttons like Printer you need to set the Citect`s INI parameter for the required port where your printer is connected or if you have installed...
While configuring the IOServer in computer setup wizard , Server and Control client option is not enabled, how to enable this option?
You need to remember that the network address in your project should be similar to the system`s IP address.
How to configure trends tags for storing trend files for a fixed period?
The configuration of the trend file is should be like as described in the below:  You need to put the following Trend Tag Configuration settings for...
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