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What are the IEC standards to which Compact INS/INV comply.
The Compact INS/INV switch-disconnectors and auxiliaries comply with the following standards and international recommendations: >  IEC 60947-1: general...
Preventa XY2C - NISD UL certificate of the XY2CH, XY2CE, XY2CED & XY2CJ E.stop rope pull switches
Attached the NISD.E352710 UL certificate of our emergency stop rope pull switches XY2CH, XY2CE, XY2CED and XY2CJ. This NISD category covers emergency...
Preventa XU - XUSL2E and XUSL4E EC/EU declaration of conformity
Please find attached 2018 EC/EU declarations of conformity for our XUSL4E, XUSL2E, XUSL4MA & XUSL4MB safety light curtains
What is the MTTF of Altivar 61 and Altivar 71.
Refer the attachment for the data of Mean Time To Fail (MTTF) for Altivar 61 and Altivar71 Drives.
What is the standard to which iRLI changeover relay conforms to.
The iRLI changeover relay conforms to IEC 255 and NF C 45-250 standard.
Switches S56SO316RP, S56P315RPGY, S56SW220GY comply with which standard.
The switches S56SO316RP, S56P315RPGY, S56SW220GY are tested as per AS/NZS3947.
What is the difference between UL and IEC standard
The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) standards differ significantly.  IEC standards specify...
Preventa XY2C - EC/EU declaration of conformity for the E.stop rope pull switches XY2CJ
Find attached our EC/EU declaration of conformity for the E.stop rope pull switches XY2CJ, dated on july 2018
XCSLF XCSLE safety switches - EC/EU declaration of conformity
Find attached 2018 EC/EU declaration of conformity for our XCSLF & XCSLE safety switches
What is the heat dissipation of the Altivar 61 Drive when it is in Ready state.
The heat dissipation value of the Altivar 61 Drives when in Ready State (RDY - Drive is powered up but motor is not running) depends on the size of...
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