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How to measure insulation resistance on ATV630 drives.
check the insulation resistance to earth: -- -Disconnect Motor and three phase supply - use a 500V DC tester - connect all power terminals together...
Is it possible to monitor the motor speed with ATV320 drive.
Yes, it is possible. Encoder card VW3A3620 can be used. Encoder with VW3A3620 card is used only for speed monitoring.  Note: the VW3A3620 encoder...
What is the function of “Pulse input" on ATV320 drive.
"Pulse input" is used to measure the speed of rotation of the motor. Refer to attached Example.  
What is part no of connector used for BMX DAO1605
Following are the connector which can be used for connection - BMXFTB2000 - Cage clamp  - BMXFTB2010 - Screw clamp  - BMXFTB2020 - Spring clamp 
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