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What is the peak inverse value of rectifier for N4 (380 Volt, three phase), M3 range (220V, three phase), and Y range (690V, three phase) in Altivar 71 drive.
The PIV value of rectifier is 1600V for N4 range. For M3 range, the PIV value is 800V and for Y range, the PIV value is 2200V. 
Is it possible to read encoder count on Altivar 71 drive.
On ATV71 drive the only parameter which allows reading the encoder count is the PUC parameters. PUC counts each pulse from encoder.  As long as an...
How the insulation resistor measurement is done on Altistart 48.
The insulation resistor measurement is done at 500Vdc between A/D (Standard -> 1Mohm minimum). Where: A : Power terminals D : Earth => A  is power...
What is INFE fault on ATV71 drive.
INFE (Internal CPU) fault appears when the microprocessor can not check its program and data. Probable causes: Bad initialization between motor control...
What is the operating voltage for XB4BV8B1.
The operating voltage for XB4BV8B1(White pilot light integral LED) is 440...460 V AC, 60 Hz.
Is the braking transistor inbuilt in Altivar 71 Drives?
The Braking transistor is inbuilt in maximum ratings of Altivar 71 Drive. The following Altivar 71 Drive ranges ATV71HpppM3, ATV71HpppM3X, ATV71H075N4…HC16N4,...
How can I read cell values of a excel file in Vijeo Citect runtime.
You can use DDERead function of Vijeo Citect to read data from a excel file.
An OPC Client can browse and add tag items from a single cluster project successfully running on a SCADA machine, however it's not possible with a multi-cluster project.
This occurs in SCADA V 7.20 (and previous versions). To resolve this, add a cluster name manually as a prefix to tags in the OPC client (e.g. ClusterName.TagName)...
Can a machine simultaneously act as a web client without disturbing the SCADA runtime.
Yes, you can use both a web client and SCADA both at a time on a same machine.
While communicating with 3rd party devices on serial communication, data refreshment in SCADA stops when any of the devices restarts after a fault.
You need to put "-nts" in special options field in ports configuration of the device. This special option allows the COMX driver to  not terminate...
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