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When DC injection is turned on via Digital Input on ATV630 drive, is DC injection current supplied to the motor constantly regardless of time.
DCI function is assigned to Dix =>So, when Dix is high =>then DC injection current is supplied to the motor constantly regardless of time.  
Are ATV630 drives equipped of surge arrester.
 ATV630 drives are equipped of varistor as surge arrester.  
Does ATV610 has MOV or RC connected to ground for each phase via body earth. If yes, any jumper to disconnect them.
ATV610 have RC connect to the ground, and it can be disconnected by IT jumper (the integrated EMC filter must be disconnected).  
Is electrical endurance chart available for RE17RMEMU and RE11RMMW products.
For RE17RMEMU and RE11RMMW products, please refer to attached file. Electrical endurance chart.JPG Both the products are using the same Electrical...
Do all XB7NS9445 products have the same key.
All XB7NS9445 products have the same key.  
What is the starting address of input/output image for PTQ-PDPMV1 module ?
The starting address for the input image is 1000 and for the output image is 3000.
What type of cable to be used with the serial port of PTQ-PDPMV1 ?
The serial port should only be used for initial configuration of the Ethernet port through ProSoft Configuration Builder using  a null modem cable...
How the ethernet port of PTQ-PDPMV1 is connected to PC ?
The ethernet port of PTQ-PDPMV1 is connected to PC either by ethernet crossover cable or if you are using ethernet straight cable then you have to...
What is the default ip address of PTQ-PDPMV1 ethernet port ?
The PTQ-PDPMV1 module is equipped to use an Ethernet connection using the following defaults: My_ip: Netmask: Gateway:...
What is the maximum cable length permissible according to baudrate of profibus?
The maximum cable length depends on the transmission speed and cable type. The specified cable length can be increased using the repeaters. The use...
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