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How to connect the 4 Pole RCCB in 240V AC Single phase network.
To use the 4 Pole RCCB in 240V AC single phase network, connect the Neutral at N and Phase at terminal 1 of the RCCB.   Confirm the functionality...
How to open an excel file during runtime in Vijeo Citect.
Below cicode function can be used during runtime for opening an Excel file in Vijeo Citect:   Exec("^""+"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Excel.exe"+"^"...
What are the internal supply on ATV630 drives.
Internal supply for reference potentiometer (1 to 10 kOhm) 10.5 V DC +/- 5 % <= 10 mA overload and short-circuit protection. External supply for digital...
Is it possible to put 9001KA2 into 9001KRD1UH1?
The reference 9001KRD1UH1 is fitted with its own dedicated contact which is a snap switch, it is different than 9001KA* ones.
What is the replacement for XSAV12161?
The recommended replacement for XSAV12161 is XSAV12801. It is the most equivalent the only difference is that XSAV12801 is that the discrete output...
What is the mechanical durability of XB4 & XB5 range and at what conditions they are checked?
The mechanical durability of pushbuttons is 10000000 and it is checked at ambient temperature (around 20°C) and ambient humidity (around 50%).
Is it possible to use XB4 & XB5 range products in +70 degree C continuously?
The XB4 & XB5 range products can be used in +70 °C ambient temperature continuously but there is no data regarding the exact number of cycles.
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