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How to upgrade the firmware of PRM module ?
The firmware and the configuration of the PRM module are stored in a non-volatile Flash Memory. The Firmware can be updated. During the update, the...
What is the diagnostics of system LED of PRM module ?
Please find the attached document.
How to add GSD file in library of PRM master?
Please find the attached document.
Which version of Unity Pro version is required to configure BMXDRA0815 module.
BMXDRA0815 can be configured using Unity Pro V13.0 with UnityPro_V130_HF_DRA0815 (hotfix) and greater version. UnityPro_V130_HF_DRA0815 is available...
What is the Time stamp resolution between 2 events on different source modules as BMXERT1604T.
Below are the time stamp value for BMXERT1604T:   1. 2ms with IRIG-B 004/5/6/7 time code (GPS) 2. 4ms with DCF77 time code   Note: Time Stamp resolution...
What is the Power consumption value of MPC-36A, MPC-24A and MPC-18A/18B
Power consumption values are as follows:   MPC-36A   Power consumption : 33VA (W)     MPC-24A   Power Consumption : 28VA (W)     MPC-18A/18B   Power...
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