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What is SCF4 fault on Altivar 12 drive.
SCF4 is an internal IGBT Short Circuit Fault; there is a hardware problem with the drive. Kindly replace the drive.
How to limit the starting current on Altistart 22 Soft Starter.
The starting current will depend upon the Load you want to move in the particular set of time. However if you want to limit the starting current,...
Does PM 1000 Meter give indication on percentage loading.
Yes this meter given percentage loading indication with the help of LED indication.  Please refer the below chart for determination of percentage...
Is there any method to update the firmware of Altistart 48 Soft Starter.
There is only one method that is=> replacing the actual control board by a new control board.
Is it possible to use Altivar 71 drive in Methane Gas atmosphere.
Methane is a flammable gas which creates explosive atmosphere. So, using any type of electrical equipment in such environment is restricted based...
Will Altistart 48 work when motor is in regeneration mode.
In steady state and regenerative mode the motor is in hypersynchrone so the energy is sent back to the main, no problems. The problem can be if you...
Will Altistart 01 work when motor is in regeneration mode.
 ATS01 will work when motor is in regeneration mode.  If the motor become generator the motor will feed the energy to the network.  When ATS01 is...
Does Full Function Test Kit(FFTK) 33595 need to be calibrated.
s Full Function Test Kit(FFTK) 33595 need to be calibrated. Ans:  The Full-function Test Kit has been designed such that it does not require to be...
How many VZ20 can be attach on V* switch body of Vario Switch Disconnector range.
Only one VZ20 can be only fitted on Right side of V* main body switch.
What will be the standard Painting Colour for OKKEN.
The Standard colour for OKKEN is RAL9003.
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